William Elder

UI/UX Designer & Developer

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  • About

    I'm currently working at eBizAutos, a leading provider of Automotive internet marketing, dealer websites, and dealer marketing software for the automotive industry. Working with a team of creatives, that masterfully produce digital design, video advertising and marketing strategy for automotive brands. This includes two of the nation's top five largest dealer groups.

  • Skills
    • Adobe Creative Suite
    • Sketch
    • Fireworks
    • Balsamiq / Wireframes
    • JIRA - Project Management
    Front-End Development
    • HTML5/CSS3
    • PHP
    • Bootstrap
    Development Libraries
    • Handlebar JS
    • JS/jQuery
    • AJAX
  • Expertise
    Web Design
    UI/UX Design
    Brand Strategy
    Art Direction
    Video Games
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Feeling The Love!

  • "Our clients have been impressed with his range of design and technical knowledge, his ability to meet tight deadlines and the excellent quality of his work. I found my experiences with Will to be fun rather than work. He is a brilliant digital designer and his creativity goes well beyond any bounds I have ever seen."

    Tina Savera
    Creative Director | eBizAutos
  • "Will's ability to handle my outlandish requests and deadlines and still spare time to enjoy life amazes me, the productive and extremely great use of his time makes for a easy work environment. No matter how crazy an idea, Will made sure to take it in stride and give it his all..."

    Joshua Reid
    Owner | Orion Systems
  • "Will's creativity and professionalism are evident in his work. He is able to take vague requests and produce amazing designs. He has a knack for thinking outside the box and meeting any challenge. Will is a pleasure to work with, he listens attentively and asks appropriate questions to assist in the process."

    Cindy Gallardo
    Support Manager | eBizAutos
  • "Will is a fabulous web designer! He has the right blend of listening to the client and offering his own ideas. Any time I have needed anything, Will gets it done in a timely manner. He made my website work for me."

    Renee Ursem
    Owner | Get It Together LLC.

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