So, what is it?

We’re not designing pages, we’re designing systems of components.

The goal of Foundation was to vastly improve the entire eBizAutos application by creating a Framework based system for dealer sites that will allow ability to modify global site settings, streamline design/product/tech processes, is semantically correct & is responsive. It is based around the concept of Atomic Design and Agile principles as a guide to design a better product in less time.

It has also increased overall website performance by using modules or components to pull in data to populate web pages in the backend powered by an API. It laid the foundation for a faster & more flexible system in every area from front end websites, to control panel, admin, analytic reports and more.

Basic Overview

Establishing a non bloated framework, creating living style guides for design, UI, UX, voice & tone and js components, and controls or components powered by the API.


Beyond the basic established features, nothing is added until there is significant need.


Simplify chain of command by using a self-managing cross-functional team. Build/iterate in 30-day cycles or less.


Each portion of development is broken down into smaller more achievable milestones.


Wireframes & User Flows



Keeping with the methodology of Atomic Design by using basic HTML tags and semantics, I had crafted interface components that display vehicle information or would allow for user interaction. Such as search forms & filters, toggles, tabs, carousels etc.


I combined many components or a select few to create design modules. All displaying independently from anything else on the page with its responsive nature baked right in. This has allowed designers to choose from a library of modules to create a home page or a landing page with minimal effort.


Foundation has a flexible codebase that allows for multiple OEM's to influence a dealer's website with color schemes, fonts and imagery to carry over that brand's overall look a feel. Which has lead to the use of this framework to power the all new ZIBE platform and the eBizAutos Apps platform.


User experience and performance go hand in hand. With that in mind, we've optimized image delivery by parallelizing image url's, included a lazy load solution for inventory modules, and optimized js component initialization.

Background Image

The Framework in Action